I have to be honest here…. No matter how much I try to distract my 4yo and my 2yo, they somehow always find a way to pop in the camera and say hi to my fellow coworkers and clients. Of course, this isn’t a big deal and everybody loves when they show up, but sometimes mom here really needs to focus, and getting them focused on something on their own is key so I can get my things done.


Also, for some reason, I think I’m not alone here. Lol So, if you too need a little help figuring out how to distract your kids even if it’s just for a little bit of time, keep reading as I share below what works for us at home.

Books. Having a cabinet that is easily accessible and also full of books that they can swift through is our first go to. We also tend to switch out the books once a month so they are not constantly going through the same books over and over.

Arts and Crafts. Painting, coloring, Play-Doh, workbooks, drawing. These are the kids’ favorite activities. Doodling is fun!

Kiddie workout. Our garage is set up so that all of us can go out and workout, dance, yoga, etc. We play ballet dance classes and both our daughter and son are obsessed with it!

Jumping on the trampoline. Jumping on the trampoline… Hours on end.

Show on tv or some screen time. This is our last resort. There are educational tv shows that are out there, but they love to watch tv shows like PJ Masks, Princess Sofia, Llama Llama, etc.


And when all else fails, you can follow my fellow co-worker’s advice…