Working remotely gives us the freedom we need to travel the world, live where we want, and work when we want. That is why more and more people each year decide to pack their things and start exploring different countries.

recent study by the New York Times found out (no surprises, tho) that most industries are embracing remote work more than ever, so, this is THE time to go nomad! And although we know it’s a big decision, becoming a digital nomad can actually be a lot easier than you think (even if you don’t have a lot of skills to work online… yet). In this post you’ll get from our team of remote experts a few quick tips on how to get started, and what topics you should take into consideration.


  • Find Yourself a Remote Job: first things first. I know most people think remote work means being a dev or a designer or working with digital marketing, but you’ll be surprised by how many different remote positions are available in different areas such as business management and finance. When we hire remotely, we love job boards like WeWorkRemotely and UpWork so make sure you keep an eye on them. We’ve hired Project Managers, Marketers, Developers, Designers and several other professionals, all from online remote job boards.


  • Banking: nowadays it is easier to get paid anywhere in the world, so do your homework and find the best bank for your location and understand how you’ll send and receive payments. If you are a US citizen or have a US bank account, generally it will be easier for you. But tools like Payoneer and N26 mobile bank have long been popular for international payments and transfers. You can also reach out to your current bank, and ask for foreign exchange transfer services.


  • Let It Go, Let It Go: being on the road means you’ll have to let go of many physical things you might be holding on. So be prepared to detach yourself from a lot of non-essential items and keep only what is really necessary – let’s be real it’s just your laptop and that cute doggo. Also, keep in mind you’ll be walking around a lot and getting several low-cost flights carrying your luggage, so considering some light-weight equipment like this foldable backpack from Herschel (this is not a publi post) might be a good idea!


  • Join The Tribe: there are hundreds of communities, blogs, and publications about living and working remotely, like the guys at Digital Nomad Soul and Nomad Life 101. Dive in and start connecting with peers that are on the same boat as you (sometimes literally) so you can share and discover new experiences, tips, and stories.


  • Safety First: since you’ll be on the road for God knows how long, it is important to check up and make sure everything is ok with your health before you leave your home country. Just in case. And, also, ALWAYS get health insurance that you know you can rely on and actually covers you where you are going. Our friends at SafetyWing have a pretty cool Nomad Insurance plan.


  • Have fun: bear in mind not everything will go as planned, and understand that changing plans is also a plan!!! Have fun and work hard ya’ll!