If you’re looking for a break from all the Zoom happy hours, parties, and quizzes, it means you already had too much. But, yeah, we know it’s hard to come up with excuses when everyone knows you’re at home and have virtually nowhere else to go.

So, of course, we reached out to the internet (Twitter, to be more precise) trying to find the best advices (excuses) that could help you skip your next online gathering HR has planned. After all, we’re all in this together, and if it works for one of us, it could work for all of us. So, here we go:


1. The Straight Forward One


2. The Easy One


3. The Desperate One


4. The Blame It On The Kids One


 5. The Good Comrad One



  • I’ve got a headache from too much screen time;
  • I’m having a FaceTime date;
  • It’s my turn to tidy the house;
  • Connect 1hr later and pretend you were messed up with the timezone;
  • Blame your pets (say your dog is using the internet or that it’s their birthday dinner – we attached some pics so you can prove it).