A study conducted by freelancermap.com with over 1,300 freelancers pointed out the biggest challenges our community faces on a daily basis. Turns out there weren’t many surprises in the results, with the top one being “how to get more clients” followed by “having a better work-life balance” and “getting better payment rates”. Relatable, huh?

Although these challenges may be around since forever to pretty much every freelancer and autonomous worker we know, the good news is that every day new tools surge in the horizon to help us knock them down and go even further with our careers. So we gathered a wide range of options for you to try and overcome them. Here we go:


1. How To Get More Clients as A Freelancer

  • Activate Former Clients

    To avoid always looking for new clients, make sure you build lasting relationships with the ones you already worked. Ask them for testimonials to put on your website and social media and see if they have new jobs for you, why not? It’s much easier (and cheaper) to get a current client to buy more from you than it is to conquer a new one. So leverage your existing contacts and go for it.

  • Build Your Brand

    As a freelancer, you need to work on your personal brand and online presence, so clients can not only find you but also have an idea of what you are up to. The first step would be to set up your own website and update your LinkedIn, Twitter, and other SM profiles. Add relevant details and content about your work, your interests, thoughts, ideas, and questions. The second one is so important that we thought it deserved its own bullet:

  • Set Yourself As An Expert

    Start writing about what you know, your experiences, and other relevant aspects of your work. Go to local networking events, talks, and launches – whether you speak or not – and hand out business cards. The more content you produce about the areas you work with, the more people will know how knowledgeable you are. And here we’re talking about all kinds of content: twitter threads, blog posts, videos, IG how-tos… Anything, as long as you show your work and put yourself out there.

  • Keep Your Eyes Opened

    Last but not least, it’s imperative that you master as many job-posting outlets as you can, and make it your life-mission to check daily for new opportunities. Make sure your profile in each of them is updated, concise, and completed with relevant information about you. Here are a few places to start looking for new gigs:


2. Work-Life Balance

Having a flexible schedule is a blessing, but it can also be very tempting to put your foot on the gas pedal and never ease up. Nobody wants to face burnout, that’s why it’s important to take breaks and balance your activities. So, being very straight forward, here are a few things you can do to improve your daily routine:

  • Don’t sacrifice your sleep.
  • Allow yourself to be bored.
  • Be there for your friends and family.
  • Exercise and meditate (running is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get your body moving and yet so many people simply don’t do it).
  • Force yourself to unplug.
  • Have a delimited workspace and work clothes.
  • Share your struggles. Talk to other people who have similar lifestyle and exchange ideas!


3. Getting a Better Pay Rate

  • When to do it?

    You don’t want to raise your rates right after you agree to your very first project with a client. After all, you haven’t proven yourself to them yet. Instead, you’re going to increase your rate only after you deliver a high-value product. You can also raise your rates through referrals, getting clients from previous existing clients of yours.

  • Get Organized

    Knowing what’s the average time you take to complete a certain task or specific projects can help you fully understand how much to charge for your work and when to raise up the bills. Make no mistake and get you a time-tracker that works and helps you understand the value of your time. Our free and integrated time-tracker (and our Chrome extension) can help you with that part fo sho.

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  • Move Up the Pay Scale

    If you aren’t comfortable with your current rate, but can’t seem to negotiate for more, a great way to do so is by getting a few certifications. In today’s digital world, there are many online courses you can take, at your convenience, to improve both your skills and your resume. Most can be completed in a few months or even weeks