Hi there! As usual, our team has been really busy deploying lots of new updates to Buildstack. So, without further ado, here are a few of the recent improvements we have made to our platform.
  • Last Message Preview: now, whenever someone posts a new message on a task, you’ll get the e-mail notification (just as usual) but with the previous message will show on the e-mail too, so you can get contextualized faster.


  • Nested tasks!!!! Now you combine several related tasks into one nest to keep your board even more organized.


  • Automatic Notifications Suggestion: now if a new user is mentioned on a task Buildstack automatically scans for missing notifications and suggests adding them to the thread so they can start getting notified about updates.


  • Quickbooks Sync: with this new integration all invoices you create on Buildstack will automatically sync to your Quickbooks.


  • Embed Lead Form: we just added a lead form for agencies to use on their websites and make creating new projects much easier!